Breaking bad Habits with Positive Good Ones

Who we are

I started this site, at first to learn about building websites, and to further my knowledge, of creating something nice. I was not sure at first what I was doing with the site. That’s when one day, I had to make a decision. I prayed about it, even though back then I didn’t pray nearly as often I felt like my first site should be to try to help others with the things I deal with and have gone through.

That’s when two things happened

I fell in love with Jesus, and writing again.

I had plenty of experience, with Jesus, and I loved Him before, but He became real to me, and I could not help from mentioning, the things He has done for me. The more I wrote the more I loved the Lord, and the more I loved the Lord, the more I wanted to write. I will never claim, to be perfect, because I’m human, we all fall short, but I know that as much, as I messed up in life, He has always been there, to pick me back up.

Jesus is the best thing, that ever happened to me drugs, and alcohol, they are only temporary, and leave someone feeling lonelier, and more empty inside than they were before.

I ended up moving and my writing slowed down, and as soon as that happened I once again started focusing on other things. This is about when COVID-19 started, and I began to see all the things I heard all my young life in church. I never really knew how it would all take place, but it was and that’s when I hit my knees again.

Jesus never left me. That is what I’m writing for, because, what He did for me He will do for you. As many times in my life, that I started focusing on other things, He was always there gently tugging me back. All I had to do was focus on Him instead of the things of this world. One day the world is coming to an end we are not promised a tomorrow, and things are getting crazy fast.

Don’t wait until it’s too late Jesus wants you today.

The world will leave you empty, and miserable. I can promise you that drugs will do the same.

Jesus is calling everyone now to come Home. He will be waiting and gently tugging. He will never force you, but He is asking for you to come home. I love everyone, and I am still praying for everyone too.

Only give if you feel led to do so.