Breaking bad habits

I want to get some, of the meat, of the message, out first. The most important thing is to realize that there is hope. With God all things are possible, and if someone will call out to Him and believe He’s going to show up in some way. The key word is believe. If you pray and 5 minutes later start complaining again, that’s not believing. As soon as someone is doing that they just canceled out their prayer. When you multiply a negative and a positive it is always a negative.

Can we fight against addiction?

Don’t ever make someone feel like there’s no hope Our God is bigger, our God is greater, but in the book of James, it says a person can not serve two masters. If someone isn’t renewing their mind and casting down thoughts and imaginations. They are going to eventually fall.This is a daily war, but the Lord has provided you a way out. Focus on Him, He knows our desires anyway. Don’t think of God as an evil King but our Father. He is the way the Truth and The Life. There is a way out, don’t put your Trust in man but it in Him, then you ask Him to put someone, in your path to be a mentor. I quit addictions I did with only the help of Jesus imagine what He will do for you! He will do a big work in you, if you just believe and just ask.

Do you want more for your life?

Don’t let the negative thoughts in your mind build. That is exactly how the brain works. Whatever thoughts your focusing on a majority of the day takes over. You have the mind of Christ, as soon as your saved but you have to call it into existence, with more energy you complained with. One more thing, if anyone is not saved’ or just needs prayer find me online, leave me a message on the Facebook messenger if you message me on here I don’t usually get those notifications, because it distracts me from My own relationship with God. This is how i feel led to do it, cause praying for others helps me I love you all, The more I pray the more I believe.

He is doing a huge work in me, and i know He will do it for you.

Sometimes you may feel all alone, but your not

When you mess up, don’t panic

Don’t beat yourself up, get up, dust yourself off, and try again. When we fall, is when the enemy attacks, through emotions. The enemy plants thoughts, in someone’s head, the most, on two occasions. The first i Occasion is when, someone sins, the enemy comes to tell them, God doesn’t want a sinner like you. 

The second way is when someone decides to get right, with the Lord the enemy will try and tell someone, you need that habit, you can not quit. Anything, can be put before God if someone, were to let it. I write this today, because of personal experience. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Pray for me and I will be praying for all of you. The most important thing about this post is for you to know that Jesus loves you, and we all need to be praying, as much as possible, a lot is happening all around the world. Spread joy not fear, with Jesus our redemption is near.

Our goal is to teach others that there is a way out of bad habits. There are people that are praying, and there is a way out.

Staying positive is one of the first things I try to teach, because learning to control emotions, can sometimes be half of the battle.

Love One Another

If we do not forgive someone, the Father will not forgive us. Just think of all the times we messed up, even after knowing Jesus, we still were rebellious and tried things our way. How could any one hold hate in their heart knowing the Almighty Father will not forgive you. I want everyone, to make, it to heaven, so examine your hearts. When we are unforgiving, we are walking down a dangerous road. Think of it this way if Jesus tells us to forgive and we are not forgiving, it makes us rebellious and disobedient. It is a long road breaking out of the world and setting yourself apart from it. How many of the people when they worshipped Baal on the mountain, were just doing it cause others were. Don’t be like the world because eventually, you may just be a part of a crowd and get swallowed by the ground. I think there is more spiritual truths in this story because most stories in the Bible have two meaning but it’s positive and powerful always. This says a lot, because we may not be held accountable to the world for things, but God knows everything. He knows you because He made you. He loves all of us but does not tolerate sin. It’s time for Christians to stop thinking they can do what they want and still go to heaven. Someone can go to hell for in forgiveness and if they go to hell for that they can go to hell for being in sin

I’ve seen so many beautiful souls completely destroyed because someone offended them and they refuse to forgive said person. Theres way more health benefits to living a happy life than, than being upset all the time. I sometimes try to pray for people I may not even realize I’m holding a grudge against. I refuse to let people, and spiritual forces take me down. I choose to forgive, and you should too.

Father I pray for everyone here. I pray first off that you forgive me for anything I might have done thought or said and didn’t realize it in my sleep or awake. I pray that you heal all wounds involved in someone being hurt reading so that it’s easier for them to forgive. I’m believing that your forgiveness will come if I keep seeking you and asking. Help me find ways to reach more people. If these articles help anyone Lord bring it before their eyes. Father I also pray for others to wake up we need more prayer warriors. I ask you to protect anyone in the world that’s trapped or in a bad situation. I pray that angels watch over them and leads them to safety. Father take over my body or send angels too if I start leading people astray. Let my spirit know. I pray that all the human slaves in this world, are some how supernaturally released. Father help us when we pray so we can pray the right things. I want to be a witness, but I don’t know how I could have ever sank as low as I did. Forgive me for my laziness in my walk with you Lord. I feel as I know you but I could have a deeper relationship and understanding of You. Lord bless everyone here, and help them know when they are not forgiving help us all work on ourselves and stop worrying about others unless they worried about the soul. Father I thank you and praise you for all you’ve done.

I can tell you though most stubborn people will do whatever it is more if you nag them. Take it to God, pray about it maybe fast, and once you pray it’s very important to not speak negative against your prayer. I don’t let others say negative things either and if they do and keep doing it I cut them off. This person is either deceived and struggling themselves or was sent to get between you and God. Keep your faith and forgive right away. Self control is a fruit of the spirit and when people start raising their voice at each other self control goes out the window really fast. Forgiveness is an attribute of our God and if it wasn’t we would all be going to hell. If He is your father then you have to forgive we are commanded too.

Anyone can learn from anyone else, no one is more important than anyone else.

We Learn and Teach

Someone can learn, from any situation, it’s important to be humble because you never know, what lies around the corner, always try to be praying

Learning to live without bad habits

Life Long Learning

Learning to quit bad habits, is something that will hopefully stick with you for the rest of your life. This is something each person eventually has to decide, for themselves. I pray that each person that has made it this far is committed to trying.

If you are interested in helping out in any ways, or want to know more, there is more. I actually have plenty of reading material, but be warned, because I write basically about things I’ve dealt, or am dealing with, some of it may be repetitive, because some lessons you have to keep learning for it to stick.

If you have a need, plant a seed