If you have a need, plant a seed


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I’m here to serve and pray

Pray, and believe, so that the Father, can work on your behalf. Some advice, is to thank the Father, and do not let negative, influences know what you are believing for. Most negative people don’t believe themselves, or they have been brainwashed, or deceived into thinking like, the rest of the world. Tell yourself, that you are not moved by what you see. Picture in your minds eye, the things you are believing for, don’t make your prayers, all about you. The Lord is a God of faith, and giving. If you have a need, find someone else in need, and plant a seed. sometimes all someone needs, is encouragement, if that’s the case, find someone that needs encouragement, pray about it, and if the Father allows, plant a seed of encouragement, into their life. You will be surprised, how helpful this can be. Always pray, before you invest, because investing in the wrong person, or place, can bring the wrong attention, your way. It’s best to plant the seed without the person even knowing, where it came from. We do not give to show off, this can breed pride. Always be praying about where to plant the seed, and when the Lord leads, I promise it will make an impact, in your life and theirs.


This is a podcast I’m starting, to try, and reach, more people.

There are things that are best to leave between you and the father until, He answers, in order, to keep people from speaking negative over the situation. Remember true friends are very rare and the people that you think are friends may be plotting, or hoping for your demise. They are still souls and we are commanded to love one another. That is why we pray for them, even if they always say hurtful things. The love of Jesus was so strong He died for them too. Be a light, and a representative of Jesus. Don’t be a footstool, but it is very important to walk in love. God is love, so if you aren’t walking in love you, may not be walking with God. Forgive one another.