Fighting against addiction

I want to get some, of the meat, of the message, out first. The most important thing is to realize that there is hope. With God all things are possible, and if someone will call out to Him and believe He’s going to show up in some way. The key word is believe. If you pray and 5 minutes later start complaining again, that’s not believing. As soon as someone is doing that they just canceled out their prayer. When you multiply a negative and a positive it is always a negative.

Don’t ever make someone feel like there’s no hope Our God is bigger, our God is greater, but in the book of James, it says a person can not serve two masters. If someone isn’t renewing their mind and casting down thoughts and imaginations. They are going to eventually fall.This is a daily war, but the Lord has provided you a way out. Focus on Him, He knows our desires anyway. Don’t think of God as an evil King but our Father. He is the way the Truth and The Life. There is a way out, don’t put your Trust in man but it in Him, then you ask Him to put someone, in your path to be a mentor. I quit addictions I did with only the help of Jesus imagine what He will do for you! He will do a big work in you, if you just believe and just ask.

Don’t let the negative thoughts in your mind build. That is exactly how the brain works. Whatever thoughts your focusing on a majority of the day takes over. You have the mind of Christ, as soon as your saved but you have to call it into existence, with more energy you complained with. One more thing, if anyone is not saved’ or just needs prayer find me online, leave me a message on the Facebook messenger if you message me on here I don’t usually get those notifications, because it distracts me from My own relationship with God. This is how i feel led to do it, cause praying for others helps me I love you all, The more I pray the more I believe.

He is doing a huge work in me, and i know He will do it for you.