you’re not spiritually tough?

We all know someone, that thinks It makes them a tough person, to threaten to beat someone up. if the guy touched someone’s wife, or daughter I could see a punch. It only takes one, if anybody messes with mine. It’s a mans responsibility to stand up for his loved ones. That does not mean to start the fight, it should be the very last resort.Some people act like the strongest man, in the world, because they can get mad, and throw a temper, to me that’s not being a man. A man is the one that shuts his mouth, when someone’s yelling at them, for no reason, because the man knows to be positive, and to set the example. To me the guy yelling “do I need to beat someone up” is no different then a three-year-old, in a grocery store, crying about candy throwing a fit. An example of toughness is being a Christian that’s not a ashamed to say they are a Christians, there are a lot of places where they are getting persecuted, so that’s probably the beginning, of my most serious walk. I have ever had, because Jesus is coming back soon. A real man fights against temptation, because it’s easy to fall, into it. It’s important for us to every day, be training our spiritual man. I’ve been praying a lot, and I still don’t feel like it has been enough, and some days I prayed all night, and didn’t even sleep. If you’re not training spiritually, how are you going to resist when they come. The enemy is going to come attack if we don’t not protect ourselves, in prayer, for each other. I’ve seen it, I felt it, it’s real, there’s no doubt, in my mind that Jesus is real I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t real. I put hours and hours into it has anybody been on my WordPress and look at how many articles there are did it all because I know it’s coming if you don’t believe what’s coming then I’m gonna be praying for you very hard

Lord I pray for the person, that is not spiritually as tough, as they need to be for the coming days. I pray for your plan, for our lives be revealed, to everyone reading these words. I plead the blood of Jesus over their minds and pray that the blinders be removed, from anyone they come into contact with. Lord help us fight, off the evil, when it tries to return. Show anyone if they don’t believe, the real truth, help me keep my mind on You So the blinders, and shackles, come off, everyone’s minds. I pray for others to wake up, help me be a vessel, to lead others, to You Father. I rebuke any evil thing, that comes against this prayer, or anyone reading it. Give us a miracle, for some more time, I pray for the children in captivity, because of evil men, I come against their prayers, against the children, supernatural, send help for them. I pray for Christians to rise up, against this real virus pandemic in this country. It’s not COVID, it’s human trafficking I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus spirit of filth, spirit of pedophilia I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus. If the Christians, spend time with the, Father they will be bold, In Him.Open our eyes Lord, help us stop falling in the same traps. Give us spiritual eyes, and boldness to deal, with what we see. Help me strategize and learn more ways, to draw more people, closer to you. In the Name of Jesus I pray, we all pray.

Father God bless this prayer, In the name of Jesus I rebuke you cancer in the name of Jesus you can leave me alone and go back to hell and attack your own people. Now father God I ask you to give everybody listening spiritual ears, and a sense of urgency, we don’t have much time left, Lord use everyone that reads these words. Father I thank You for bringing me back, everything the enemy has stolen. Forgive me for being a lazy weak Christian, for so long.Father God I ask you in the name of Jesus to send angels, and everybody that reads this makes the angels multiply in the name of Jesus send those angels on your behalf, to protect, the people, that need protecting, and defeat the enemies, That need defeating. Open people’s eyes Father. I get the story of the 10 virgins so much better Lord. The oil was the sacrifice of praise. Because the other 5 were asleep, I think that’s a spell, and if your not spending your day talking to the Father and praising Him. Your not going to have any oil and then you will fall back into the sleep. Lord help alarm, everyone that starts to fall asleep, not physically but spiritually. Help us rise against the flesh, and conquer it. Give us wisdom.

I need someone a few weeks for you to pray pray pray. Please please please share these maybe print one off . I got links for anyone that needs it. It’d be really smart for some of you to write somethings down as a reminder to pray every day ,armor of God I really dislike going to my overnight job because there’s a whole lot of negativity flying around. I would honestly rather be writing, or praying or building more pages to lead others to Christ. I have only learned to do this, because of Christ, in me, and when I’m, walking with Him. whenever we are walking with Him, then we have his mind. Claim that over your life. There is a scripture that says it, and Gods word never lies.

Warning, revelations of, things we put before Him, are revealed, when we claim to have the mind of Christ. This is because, the Father loves you, and wants you to come home. I’m always excited to post the Good news. I have to stay in prayer, and not let supernatural forces, and rulers of darkness, trying to take souls to hell, distract me. I’m going to my because it’s really important that someone sees it that way or they may get bitter a person has a soul. If I didn’t tell you, our Father revealed the oil parable as I was writing. That’s how I know he’s real, because when I spend time praying, He reveals things that help me through the attacks from the enemy. Goodnight$carterjdcsmoney if anyone feels led to give donate here